Funny Love Poems

A selection of Paul's funny poems about love, life, romance and relationships. From sexually transmitted diseases to sexually induced distractions, Paul's funny love poems range widely in subject matter and tone. There is a smattering of overtly sexual references, but there's a whole section devoted to funny sex poems still to come.

Roses are Red

As a gentle introduction to the section of funny love poems, an unusual Roses are Red poem, the humour of which rests on a point of punctuation.

The Loss Of Love

If you've ever wondered why couples drift apart, you'll find Paul's hypothesis about the duality of intimacy both frank and compelling.

Bernadette From Blackheath

A poem about the protagonist's first girlfriend, who is certainly no looker, but does have one important redeeming feature.

Anything By George

A twisted funny love poem about a wife's endeavours to pep up her relationship.

Temper Temper

This poem, whilst perhaps not really a love poem, offers advice on how to make the best of an argument and so will be invaluable to discordant lovers.

The Naked Truth I

In a marriage, honesty is not always the best policy...

The Naked Truth II

...and once you're in the hole, it's best to stop digging.

My Brother's Girlfriend

A humorous poem about a new girlfriend acquired by the protagonist's brother. She may be many things, but she is certainly no looker.


A funny poem in which an increasingly physical love affair leads to the couple sharing a guilty secret.

Temporary Affliction

In Paul's humorous poem, the distractions of the workplace consist of more than just work.


The poem's protagonist reaches the conclusion that he's suffering from either a severe medical condition or an equally severe emotional affliction.