Lonely Love Poems

More of Paul Curtis's heartrending poems, this time focusing on the subject of love and loneliness. Feelings of isolation, separation and loneliness can manifest themselves within relationships, as lovers grow apart, but the most painful poems focus on those whose search for love is long and fruitless.


A poem about the sorrow of being single in which the lone voice offers reflections, but little consolation to fellow sufferers.

My History Is One Of Sadness

An emotional verse about physical loneliness and emotional emptiness.

I Would Cross An Arid Desert Plain

I don't want to belittle the poem by describing it as being in the 'climb every mountain, ford every stream' vein, but it does follow that pattern of challenges in adversity.


A frankly desolate poem, in which all the pain and unhappiness of a solitary life is laid bare.

Love For Sale

'For sale, One broken heart...' The opening lines of Love For Sale set the scene for a poem about lost love which is sad, but not morose.

I Hide Me

A sorrowful poem in which the protagonist describes his emotional retreat and self-imposed emotional isolation.

Please Don’t Love Me

A poem in which the subject makes an absolute renunciation of romantic love.


Paul's uplifting verse about an old man who is reinvigorated by rediscovering love's dormant flame.

My Heart Will Say

A sad poem of love, longing and loneliness.

She Is

A romantic verse about loving someone with great intensity and passion, but from afar.

As If I Wasn't There

A poetic exploration of a romantic encounter and a love which slips through the finger tips.

Love Amongst The Stars

A stellar themed poem about the heights of passions and the depths of despair.

Overthrow Of The Heart

A poem which merges the break up and the loneliness of a relationship which has come prematurely to an end.

Shadow Dweller

By not exposing myself to the dangers, I have denied myself the pleasures is perhaps the most poignant couplet of Paul's poem about one who has shied away from love.

A Book On The Shelf

The bookish references to being on the shelf may no longer apply in the digital age, but the painful feeling of being ignored in the romantic roustabout remains.

Pearl Anniversary

Perhaps the most desolate poem about a wedding anniversary that it is possible to imagine.

Benign Spirit

Offers to protest and nourish a lost soul who is both sad and lonely.

Lonely Girl By The Window

A lonely girl sits by the window and dreams of a life of freedom which will allow her to live and love.