Humorous Love Poems

Love Poetry has separate sections devoted to Paul Curtis's funny love poems and his humorous love poems. Confusing, isn't it? Where a poem ends up depends on its intent - funny love poems are first and foremost funny poems which contain a romantic element, whereas the humrous love poems are love poems which executed with a lightness of touch or twist which may bring a wry smile to your face.

Beneath The Clock

An evening pregnant with possibility begins with a couple meeting for a blind date and ends with a terrible miscarriage of justice.

On His Deathbed

A darkly humorous poem about deathbed confessions of infidelity and worse...


A funny poem in which the protagonist contemplates his approaching twenty fifth wedding anniversary and looks back over his years of marriage. This would be an ideal poem to read at a silver wedding celebration if you were certain either that the marriage was absolutely solid or that one of the parties had already commenced divorce proceeding.

Love is Contagious

A gently comic poem about the physical and emotional effects of falling in love on the human, or perhaps more particularly on the male, psyche.

Scattered to Shattered

A romantic retrospective in poetic form. Put slightly more intelligibly, Scattered to Shattered is a humorous, slightly sad poem about growing old.

Menopausal Monitor

Really a funny love poem, Menopausal Monitor reaches a suitably romantic conclusion to be included with the humorous love poetry.

When I’m Sixty Four

A humorous and touchingly romantic poem about loving someone as they grow old (and bits start dropping off).

Girl On Horseback

An amusing poem about a horsey girl and love which cannot cross the class divide.

My Love #1

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day... No, but perhaps to a 10,000 metre steeplechase instead. Males just have to deal in metaphors they understand.

My Love #2

Hang on, it seems I was wrong about the summer’s day comparison.

My Love #3

And to conclude the series, a poem which strikes at the very heart of womanhood.