Romantic Poems

Where do love poems end and romantic poems begin? In the case of Paul Curtis's collection of poetry, the love poems focus on the physical aspects of love, whereas the romantic poems revolve around the cerebral and emotional aspects of relationships - the ideal of love.

Purely Platonic

Is any relationship purely platonic? The couple in this narrative rhyming poem find that their perspective on life and their feelings for each other change when they holiday together abroad.

Not Virginia Plain

Love poems are meant to be beautiful, but this example had an enchanting description of our heroine. It's not an action packed poem, but one to ponder over and enjoy.


A wallflower is transformed into a carnivorous plant!

I Can See You Are Blessed

The blessed in the title is used is in the secular, rather than the religious. The subject of the poem is overflowing with love for her man and its clear for the world to see.

Extraordinary Girl

A May to September poem, in which a much younger woman rekindles the embers of romance in her older man.

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

A poem with an ethereal quality, in which fantasy and reality merge as the protagonist passes through the portals into the world of morpheus.

Woodland Courting

A country walk hand in hand is the recipe for complete contentment.

Love Comes In Many Shades

Love is a many spendoured thing, without which human existence is nothing.

Love Fever

A poem which likens love to a virus for which there is no cure.

If Not For…

A beautifully poetic evocation of the emotional state attached to being in love, and the fears associated with not being.

I Am No Superman

A refreshingly honest poem in which a man examines both his shortcomings - real and perceived - and the things that he has to offer a relationship. No sniggering from the women at the back!

I Don’t Want (from a woman’s perspective)

A poem written from a female perspective, in which the protagonist explains what she wants, and doesn't want, from a relationship.

Love At A Stroke

It was tempting to include Love At A Stroke with the first love poem, since it includes the classical set piece of a beautiful woman glimpsed across a crowded room. The poem, however, focuses on the narrator's attempts to analyse his feelings for this rare beauty. Is he experiencing infatuation, lust or love at first sight?

Spanish Eyes

A mildly erotic verse which recounts a young man's meeting with a beautiful and captivating Spanish girl in a cafe.

A Stranger That I Know

Two apparent strangers bump into one another, which ignites in them a spark of recognition. Jamais vu?

All Of My Life

An inspirational poem about the transformational quality of love.

Alphabet Of Love

A cleverly constructed and quite enchanting alphabet love poem, which would be perfect for Valentine ’s Day proclamation, except that it really has to be seen on the page (or screen).

Beautiful Eyes

Can you see love in another’s eyes? This poem focuses on the eyes, and what they can tell you about someone’s romantic intentions.

Beneath The Weeping Willow Tree

A poem of clandestine meetings and true love across the divide.

Breath Of Spring

A romantic love poem which is beguilingly multi-layered, which is a polite way of saying you’ll enjoy the poem, without necessarily understanding it.