Purely Platonic

I loved Sally a lot though just platonic
You might even say we were symbiotic
Friendship stemming from times historic
Always together like something comic
Our thoughts and desires were esoteric
Finding partners was the normal topic
We both needed a relationship romantic
The search was fast becoming frantic

She started feeling like an old neurotic
Personally I was bordering on psychotic
So we planned a holiday to places tropic
On the stylish concord flying supersonic
It was our first time travelling avionic
To North America first via transatlantic
Then past the Indies to the south pacific
To a tropical desert island once volcanic

Our search for love is now quite chronic
If we find no one will we begin to panic
Could we search the area topographic
Should we view the island panoramic
Or should we relax and not be pathetic
Going on the beach doing things athletic
Going in the sea  doing things aquatic
Enjoying ourselves lets not be pedantic

Alone in each others company harmonic
The evening birdsong sounds symphonic
The sultry air heavy with scents exotic
Fresh ice cubes cracking in gin and tonic
Her smiling countenance at once hypnotic
Deep passions stir with thoughts erotic
Knowing smiles exchanged but not sardonic
Confusion turmoil and thoughts chaotic

I want her now like a strong narcotic
We can resist no more this desire titanic
Our joint surrender is almost telepathic
We then make love to be more specific
Fulfillment reaching heights ecstatic
Loves consummated passions quite prolific
To give more details would not be politic
As my feelings for her now are honorific

Her inner beauty exposed and optimistic
Our hearts filled with a love gigantic
Our minds awash with thoughts poetic
Our future sealed and that’s fantastic
Finding hearts desire so close is ironic
How was it possible we were so myopic
We had to cross the globe how idiotic
Our soul mates found that’s terrific

Growing Ever Closer

A poem about the transition of a relationship from the platonic to the romantic. The catalyst for this change is an exotic holiday on which both parties were intent on finding a partner, but instead find their emotional thoughts turning inwards. The poem has a punishing rhyming scheme, which takes some sustaining over six verses.


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