Love Poems

Welcome to an exciting collection of love poems by contemporary English writers. The collection interweaves love poetry of all types - the comic and the tragic, the romantic and the platonic, the sad and sentimental. With such a heady poetic mix, not all poems will be to all tastes. I hope you enjoy at least some of the collection and return often to be further enchanted, or perhaps revolted, as new poems are published.

Why More Romantic Poetry?

The Love Poetry collection is the work of contemporary English poet and author Paul Curtis. Paul is a established and respected poet of 30 years standing, whose poetry has been widely published in such august literary organs as Earth Love, Decanto, Romance Adventure and Green Queen. Paul has also contributed a significant body of funny poetry to our sister site, Peculiar Poetry, which has been received with popular acclaim. This collection is a demonstrations of Paul's versatility, as he shows himself equally adept at writing of comic and romantic poems. The site offers over 350 original and unusual poems, with new material added every few months.

Sensual, sexually charges and erotic love poems

Romantic & Erotic Verse

Paul's collection of romantic poems cuts a broad swathe through the emotional landscape, from the tender innocence of verse about young love, through the experience of love within a committed and lasting relationship, to the utter devastation and despair caused by the break up of a marriage or the death of a partner. Paul's sensual and sensuous poems, which offer a frank and often graphic portrayal of love, have been rehomed on his specialist erotic poetry site.

Funny Love Poems

As a little light relief from the unremitting diet of romantic poetry, we've included a selection of comic love poems by Paul Curtis and Patrick Winstanley. This includes humorous love poems, funny poems about sex and funny valentines poems, which includes short and sweet, funny, twisted and vengeful valentine's day verse.

Who Should Read the Collection?

Or perhaps that ought to be Who shouldn't read the collection? Unwilling as I am to be prescriptive about the intended audience, the poems are written for adults and are wholly unsuitable for pre-teenage children. Teenagers and adults should be warned that an occasional poems contain reference to sex or sexual imagery - a statement which, like a magnet, will attract as many people as it repels!

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to poetry websites, size is certainly an issue. At Love Poetry, we're striving to create a collection that's compact, yet perfectly formed. If you prefer the big, brash, pile-em-high and sell-em-cheap approach to romantic poetry, there is a plethora of other websites from which to choose…

New Poems

Not Virginia Plain

A slow, smouldering romantic poem for autumn.

Romantic poems


A wallflower is transformed into a man-eating plant!

Romantic poems

I Can See You Are Blessed

A young woman wears her romantic intentions on her sleeve.

Romantic poems