Short Romantic Poems

Eshewing overtly sexual aspects of love and relationships, these short love poems concentrate on love as a romantic ideal. Tender, smouldering, dreamy poems about love not as a conquest, but as a quest for a state of emotional contentment.

Of The Heart

You gave to me all your love
And as a means by which to measure
You gave to me your heart
Which I will always treasure

Beneath The Moonlit Sky new poem

Beneath the moonlit sky
The romantic feeling grows
And on that star filled night
Love blossomed like a rose

Is It The Right Time?

I’m not sure I’m ready to say it
But I know I really feel it
So I will tell you that I love you
And hope that you love me too

Beneath The Moonlit Sky

Beneath the moonlit sky
I looked at a star and wished
Then later that moonlit night
Beneath the moon we kissed

Perfect Clarity

True beauty will only shine
With perfect clarity from
A heart full of kindness

The Flame Of Passion

Promise me that you will
Let the flame of passion always
Burn within your heart

Fine As Silken Thread

Fine as silken thread
Her hair shone like burnished
Gold, in the bright sunlight

I Whispered

I whispered those three
Words to you and you replied,
But I love you more

A Perfect Circle

A perfect circle
Of love has enveloped me
An eternal circle

Every Minute That I Live

The heartfelt declaration I wish to give
Is that I love every minute that I live
I love every minute and that is true
Except for the moments I’m not with you