Break Up Poems

For poetry lovers with a strong constitution, more heartbreak, desolation and despair on the romantic poetry front as we explore the break up of relationships and love turned sour. From shock to after-shock, bitterness and recrimination, the downward spiral of emotions that follow the shattering of romantic dreams is painful to witness and excruciating to experience. All those who have tears, prepare to shed them now...

Love Is A Roller Coaster

Roller coasters are perhaps an appropriate metaphor for relationships which have a succession of ups and downs, but ultimately go nowhere. However, the lows described in this poem are terrifying, stomach churning episodes of sustained verbal and physical abuse from which the woman is lucky to escape.


A discourse about the break down of a relationship and the shattering of romantic dreams.

I Have A Picture Of You

Are the signs there to see? A man studies a photograph of the last day he and his girlfriend were together to see if he can find any indication of what was about to happen.

The Hardest Thing To Say Was Goodbye

A parting of the ways is always painful, however measured and mature the approach to it.

Time On My Hands

Filled with sorrow and remorse, a lone voice reflects on his failings and the break up of his relationship.


Hurt offers an uplifting message to those who have been wounded by romance and feel afraid to enter the fray again.

Where, When And How

A poem full of bewilderment, in which a man examines what has happened to his relationship, once so close, now so distant.

A Port In A Storm

A poetic exploration of rejection and dejection, which reaches a particularly bleak conclusion.

Concerning Spurning

A short poem of lost love and the eternal flame of yearning that can never be extinguished.

I Had Forgotten Her

Having struggled to expunge all traces of his former partner from his life, a chance discovery brings back a flood of memories.

Take A Chance On Love

The author asks for one last chance to show his love and rebuild his relationship with the one he has betrayed.

I’m Sorry

A farewell note in poetic form which signals the end of a relationship and a brighter future for the departing lover.

I Want To Rip The Heart From My Chest

Not a poem about DIY cardiac surgery, but a plea to let the hurt of lost love end.

If I Had Not Let You Go

A real 'what if?' of a romantic poem.

If Our Love Is Over

The protagonist pleads with their partner for the relationship to be ended swiftly and cleanly, if, as it seems, it really is over.

What’s Wrong With Me?

If you keep falling off the romantic merry-go-round, the only thing is to brush yourself down and get back on.

I Spend All Of My Days Missing You

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it is the aftermath that holds the real terrors.

Not Waving But Drowning

Maritime metaphors abound in Paul's poem of romantic despair.

Give Up Babe

A poem about moving on, forgetting the past and seeking pastures, and partners, new.

But Don’t Tell Me

There's a time and a place for that final, decisive moment when a relationship breaks up.


A heartfelt poem in which a young man endeavours to explain to the woman that he loves that she is not the special one who will make his life complete.