Love Haiku

The haiku is an venerable Japanese verse form with a history which stretches back centuries. Europeans sometimes take the simplistic view that haiku simply requires playing in a 5-8-5 syllabic formation, but haiku are much more complex beasts. I'm not sure whether Paul has played by the rules of kigo and kire, but his love haiku are serene, thoughtful, romantic poems which are very much in the spirit of the true haiku.

Love Haiku # 1

Under skies of grey,
or beneath a sky of blue,
I would love you still

Love Haiku # 2

Should the clouds obscure,
the glorious stars at night,
I will still love you

Love Haiku # 3

Wondrous chemistry,
electricity crackling,
when boy meets a girl

Love Haiku # 4

The science of love,
physics meets biology,
when boy meets a girl