Short Love Poems

A collection of short love poems by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. From romantic haiku, the briefest of Japanese verse forms, to short love poems in conventionally English styles, the poems express a range of romantic emotions from the passionate to the desolate. Indeed, many poets will attest that writing short love poems requires a discipline and a distillation of emotion which produces the purest spirit of love and a greater emotional impact than is found many epic love poems.

Short True Love Poems

Paul's short poems about true love are heartfelt, tender and emotional. The poems portray love's swings and roundabouts in the context of a loving, if not lasting, relationship.

Love Is... Poems

A series of ten short love poems which share the opening line Love is... and offer philosophical musings on the nature of love and relationships. The canon conclude with a final poem Divorce is... which shatters the carefully constructed romantic illusion.

Kissing Poems

Kissing is a sign of affection, an expression of love, a prelude to passion or a multi-sensory sensual exploration of a loved one. Paul's tender love poems explore kissing in all its many guises and imbue each simple act with a deeper romantic significance.

Short Romantic Poems

Short poems about the emotional ideal of love, in contrast to the physical intimacy depicted in the short true love poems. The short romantic poems are inspirational and aspirational; any downbeat examples of romantic poetry have been included instead with the sad love poems

Love Haiku

Tender thoughtful love poems which are written in new English haiku style, rather than being slavish to the tradition of the Japanese haiku.

Short Sad Love Poems

Romantic disappointments, the death of a partner and divorce are subjects dealt with honestly, but sensitively in Paul's collection of short sad love poems. Compact, but packing a real punch, these poems distill the sadness, the heartache and the sorrow that accompanies romantic failures. The lovelorn and the lonely will find much solace in these lost love poems which offer an uplifting message about the enduring nature of love.

My Thoughts Are Sinful

Those who have explored the more exotic of Paul's sensual and sensuous poems will be prepared for the fact that the sinfulness of the thoughts escalate alarmingly in the course of four very short poems.

Short Sensual Poems

Falling just short of the sexually explicit, Paul's short sensual and sensuous poems nonetheless pack a powerful punch. They explore the highways and byeways of sex and sexuality with a sensitivity and lightness of touch which is missing in some of Paul's longer and more extreme erotic verse.

Short Poems for Valentine's Day

To conclude proceedings, a collection of short romantic valentines poems. While there are plenty of contenders amongst the other poems which you could use to pledge your troth or pop in a Valentine's card, this selection of valentine poems have been chosen both for their brevity and for the sincerity of the sentiments they express about love.