Short Romantic Valentines Poems

Valentine's Day is a time for love, for enchantment, for romantic gestures. Whether reaffirming the strength of an old relationship or exploring a new one, you'll find that this collection of Paul's sincere Valentine poems offers something for both the old romantic or the absolute beginner. If your particular romantic journey calls for something a little longer, there's an extensive collection of long romantic valentines poems which range from the mid-length to the epic.

I Believe In Soul Mates

I believe in soul mates,
Whom you can sense long before
They come into sight.
I believe mine is close.

I Saw You And I Knew

I saw you and I knew
That I wanted you
I held you and I knew
That I was in love with you
I kissed you and I knew
That no other would do

When I Say

When I say, "I love you", I mean it.
Look into my eyes and believe it
Look into my heart and feel it

My Love Is Forever

My love is forever
For even if we part
You will never
Completely leave my heart

Giving Over

I gave to you my heart
I told you, you could take it
I knew that I could trust you
I knew you wouldn't break it
You gave to me in return
Your own precious fragile heart

For Everything That You Are

For everything that you are
And for everything that you do
For all of this and so much more
With all my heart I thank you

If Not For You And Your Love

If not for you and your love
I would have no life, no existence
Beyond loneliness, if not for your love
I would have no reason to breathe

You Are The Beauty

You are the beauty,
The reason for my infatuation,
And my existence

It Was My Good Fortune

It was my good fortune
That you came my way
For like a broom you swept
My loneliness away


Your beauty caught my eye
And captured my attention
Your personality won my heart
And placed it in detention

Long Time Friend

For so long you have been my friend
But you've grown nearer to my heart,
And now I want our friendship to end
And the longed for love affair to start