Sad Love Poetry

Paul's sad love poems cover a broad spectrum of emotion, from the 'missing you' feelings that overcome some people when separated from their partner for more than 5 seconds to the utter desperation and devastation that follows the death of a partner with whom a lifetime of intimacy and memories have been shared. Between, lie poems about love and loneliness (both within and without a relationship), the break up of relationships and the deceit and betrayal that can precipitate separation, or smolder, unaddressed, eroding and corroding a love that once shone bright.

Sad Love Poems

To open proceedings, a series of gentle poems on the subject of love and sorrow. The poems are emotionally intense but non-specific - expect poems about love withering on the vine, rather than cataclysmic break ups or dramatic deathbed scenes.

Poems about Love and Loneliness

Feelings of isolation and loneliness afflict all of us at times in our lives, but feelings of romantic disconnection add another layer of pain and complexity to these emotions. Whether its being unable to fine a suitable lover or soul mate, or discovering that you don't connect emotionally with your partner, the result is a lost, lonely sole in need of succour.

Break Up Poems

The break up of a relationship, whether by abandonment, separation or divorce, can result in an emotional maelstrom of recriminations and regrets, or a great feeling of freedom and release. Paul's break up poem offer realistic portrayals of relationships falling apart and the emotional wreckage that results.

Love and Betrayal Poems

Duplicity and deceit lurk beneath the surface of many relationships, but in Paul's poems of love and betrayal all is brought to the surface. Lies and lechery, emotional injury and marital infidelity all feature in a series of poems in which the central theme is facing up to and conquering acts of betrayal by the one you love.

Poems about the Death of a Lover or Loved One

A selection of grief-laden love poems which speaks eloquently of the emotion turmoil that surrounds the the death of a partner or lover. It's claimed that time heals all, but for many people the ending of a relationship through bereavement is the start of a painful journey of rediscover. The tears and sorrow that permeate the poems of love and loss may make painful reading, but ultimately the poems offer a message of hope for those who have suffered the death of a partner.