Marriage Poems

A series of poems about marriage and other equivalent enduring relationships, which includes both romantic and tragic example of the genre. There is a separate collection of wedding poems, which focus specifically on the marriage ceremony and includes poems suitable for use as wedding readings, and of funny marriage poems, which might provide some inspiration for a struggling best man.

Every Dream I’ve Dreamed

Sentimental rather than soppy, Every Dream I've Ever Dreamed is an affirmation of the unbreakable bond that underpins every loving, and enduring, marriage.

Everything But A Possession

Written in the first person by a husband about his wife, Everything But A Possession is a deeply romantic poem about the importance of a loving and supportive partner.

If I Could Wish

Wishy, but not wishy-washy, this poem is a simple exposition of the hopes and dream that underpins a life long relationship.

Where Do I Begin To Say?

Another poem written as from a husband to his wife in which he explores the meaning of his marriage and his inability to adequately describe the depth of his feeling.

Love Of Her Life

A tragic love poem in which a young girl suffers awful consequences as a result of running away from an arranged marriage.

The Breath of Life

Life-affirming, inspirational, romantic... The Breath of Life extols the joy of marriage from the anticipation, to the realisation.

On That Beautiful Day in June

A sad marriage poem in which the husband looks back to his wedding day as he sits at the bedside of his recently departed wife.

Hotel Paradiso

An enchanting poem in which a couple return on their wedding anniversary to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon.

I Could Have Lived A Lifetime

What could I have achieved if I hadn't married you?

The Family Way

A poem which follows a young couple from before their marriage to the birth of their first child.

Gone Are Those Joyful Days

A heartbroken widow reminisces about his married life and forward to the time when he will once again be united with his wife.