Poems of Love and Betrayal

Deceit and duplicity lurk beneath the surface of many relationships, but in Paul Curtis's poems of love and betrayal all the emotional flotsam and jetsam bubbles to the surface. Lies, lust and lechery, insensitivity and infidelity all feature in a collection of poems in which the main message is that one must face up to and overcome acts of betrayal by someone you love. Revenge is sweet, but beatific acceptance can be equally effective

That Deceitful Mouth

The protagonist berates their lover for their lies, insincerity and inability to resist temptation and encourages them to leave for good.


The author finds his, or perhaps her, life in tatters after their partner's bitter betrayal.

Where Is The Kiss

Not so much a poem about romantic betrayal, rather a poem about the suspicion that something untoward might be happening or about to happen.

Love Conquers All?

The poem describes a relationship which is totally unbalanced and doomed to fail.

Pretty Angel

The countenance of an angel hides a duplicitous darker side in this ode to love and deceit.

Good Old John

An apparently innocent interloper in a relationship threatens to drive a couple apart.

Why Does This Love Ensure A Constant Heartache?

A poem of absolute desolation and despair, as the protagonist is first cheated upon and them cruelly cast aside.

Open Your Eyes Angel

A strangely old fashioned poem, which warns of the dangers for young women being taken advantage of by older, predatory males.


A suitably impenetrable title to a poem which glides delicately over the central theme of love and betrayal.

I Loved Her So Much

A oddly emotionless poem describing the ultimate act of romatic betrayal.

A Thousand Mirrored Fragments

The metaphor of a smashed mirror reflects a relationship that has disintegrated to leave the former lovers feeling hurt and betrayed.

Blind Sided

'Love blinds us to the truth' is the central premise of this verse about lost love, damaged emotions and an inability to see what is happening before one's very eyes.

Used And Abused

Seductive charm leads to a scenario in which a young girl is used, abused and discarded. If that sounds dangerously familiar...

You Had Me Loving You

A sexually ambiguous poem, in so far as it's not clear whether the protagonist is a man or woman. What is abundantly clear is that they are being cruelly cheated on in a relationship which is rapidly falling to pieces.

Stolen Treasure

A pirate themed poem about a heart stolen by a buccaneering protagonist.

This Masquerade

A husband's tolerance of his wife's constant acts of betrayal reaches its limit.


Distrust and jealousy undermine and ultimately destroy a couple's relationship.

Skin Deep

If you scratch beneath the surface of a relationship and find nothing, you can rest assured that Skin Deep will strike a chord.

Meticulously Rehearsed

The highs and lows of love are explored in a poem about eager anticipation and cruel rebuttal.

Untrue Sue

Sue is a unthinking hussy, a wanton whore, a callous bitch. It's strange how we project the most extreme character traits on those who simply fail to reciprocate our love.

The Judas Kiss

A cheating husband plans his escape, but his wife is not going to allow him the satisfaction of seeing her shed tears at he kisses her to signal his departure.