Short Sensual Love Poems

A series of short poems which explore sex and sensuality with a light and delicate touch, This is indeed fairly tame fare, but sometimes things that are left to the imagination are more vivid and stimulating than those rammed down your throat.

Love Is The Moments

Love is your sweet breath
Against my skin as we lay
In the quiet afterglow

Passionate Dreams

I dream of passion
In lustful obsession, waking
Still unfulfilled

Looking For Love

I seek your love but
Get only lust, I seek passion
Yet I get only sex

On The Cusp

I saw a girl, older,
And on the cusp of womanhood
Who would make me a man

Paramour In The Wings

Paramour in the wings
Mistress in waiting
The smitten kitten
With the concubine heart

Her Allure

She makes my thoughts impure
With her seductive allure
I am infected, and I am sure
They will never find a cure


Flirtation and casual sexual affairs
“Playing away”, that is to philander
No sexual conquest is too trivial
A quick blow job or a knee-trembler