Engagement Poems

Getting engaged is such an individual, such a personal experience that poetry can struggle to encompass the range of emotions involved. Our initial collection of engagement poems is small, yet it covers a variety of different of scenarios, from marriage proposals of which are ecstatically received to those which meet with cruel indifference. If you're plucking up courage to make your own proposal, you may find a few wise words to help you on your way or perhaps even a complete poem that you can make your own.

Fill My World With Light

An ideal introduction to Paul's engagement poems, Fill My World With Light is the proposal poem which will see results.

Ring In The Window

A beautiful narrative poem about a man choosing an engagement ring.

Decent Proposal

A poem which will appeal to traditionalists, who know that there is only one proper way to propose marriage.

My Proposal Was Rehearsed

A proposal of marriage is a courageous act and not one that always meets with the anticipated response.

For Every Little Thing About You

A husband to be counts his blessing that his proposal has been accepted.