Short Sad Love Poems

A small collection of short sad love poems by Paul Curtis. From the lingering regrets of missed romantic opportunities to the pain caused by the break up of a relationship or the death of a loved one, Paul's poems are sensitive portrayals of the emotional traumas experienced by those who have loved and lost.

You Slipped Through My Fingers

You slipped through my fingers
All those yesterdays ago,
How the regret still lingers
Of the way I let you go

When We Are Apart new poem

When we are apart
My heart breaks
Each painful moment
My heart aches
Come home soon
For both our sakes

The End

I knew this time would come
I knew there would be an end
So don’t try to justify yourself
And no we can’t still be friends

Appetite For Love

Your love
Was nourishing
And sustaining
But overly seasoned
With my tears


You say I suppress the sunshine
And bring you only rain
I beg you not to leave
But I know it is in vain
I know if I let you go
That would ease your pain
But I fear if we say good bye
We will never meet again?

Final Kiss

Love has died in you
But my love for you is vast
I think this good bye kiss
Is bound to be our last

Long And Lonely Nights

Without you at my side
All my nights are long and lonely,
And all my days are empty

We Are Separate Now

We are separate now,
Irrevocably apart
So why do you refuse
To leave my broken heart

A Tangled Web

A tangled web of
Lies, woven of jealous spite
Brought you solitude

I Feel Such A Love

I feel such a love
Pulsating through my lonely heart
Rippling through my soul

Many Things Break My Heart In Two

Many things break my heart in two
But the hardest thing to see
Is you softly speaking words of love
To a man who isn’t me

Grief Hits Like An Iron Fist

Grief hits like an iron fist
Cloaked in a velvet glove
But grief is the ultimate price
We all have to pay for love