True Love Poems

Paul Curtis's love poems are neither soppy nor overly sentimental, but rather a series of tender and sensitive poems which explore true, deep, romantic love in all its many splendoured plumage.

I Never Knew

Tender and romantic, I Never Knew is a poem about a young lover's dreams of another.

I Would Have Given Her The World

A poetic prostestation of true love which appears to be a rather one sided bargain.

Silence In The Meadow

Just the merest hint of titillation in a poem which describes a couple enjoying a session of liberating, al fresco love making.

In The Tapestry Of Life

A poem about the nature of true love which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Beauty And The Beast

Love and lust, so often two sides of the same coin, conflict and then resolve themselves.

Love At Its Zenith

A scene of post-coital contentment in which, all passion spent, simply lying together represents complete harmony for a couple.

Cupid’s Beau

A poem about a whirlwind romance which leads to marriage, Cupid's Beau interweaves passion and deep romantic love.


Guardian is a rhyming poem about the redemptive qualities of love.

You’re Mine

Quasi-erotic in tone, You're Mine can be read either as a poem about obsessive, possessive love, or as a touching testament to true love.


Petite, red haired, blue eyed, graceful... Jane is both an angelic figure and an object of desire.

From The Shadows

A romantic poem as costume drama, in which social class forms a unbridgeable divide between the secret admirer and the woman he so deeply desires.

Six Months

A couple look back over the six months that have passed since they first met and forward to their wedding day, two months hence. Six Months is a romantic love poem which tempers optimism with realism.

A World Of Love

A dispassionately passionate poem about achieving a state of unity in a relationship.

Love Alone

A poem about a slowly burning love which is poised to ignite.

You Are My Rainbow

A kaleidoscopic love poem in which the colours of a rainbow illustrate the elements that make up an ideal romantic relationship.

The Book Of Life

A romantic poem in which the author likens his life to a book which only truly come to life with the entrance of a very special character.

The Girl Of My Dreams

A love poem which hovers tantalisingly between reality and a dream-like state.

Just To Know

A heartfelt poem about the feeling of security that being in love brings.

I Tell You

Each verse of this long, languid love poem begins with the line I tell you that I love you.

In The Game of Love

A gently humorous love poem which you should read, if only to discover how the phrase 'With Terpsichorean precision' fits into the wider context of the poem.