Love At Its Zenith

She looked at me
With those wondrous eyes
Mysterious bright blue eyes,
That could see inside my soul
Then she gave me one of her smiles,
A truly amazing smile
That says hold me close,
Kiss me, stroke my hair,
You’ll never have too miss me.
Then we embraced
A wonderful sensual embrace
Where we seem to merge into one entity
Then as we part she smiles another smile,
Which speaks another language,
And she leads me off to bed
Where we melt together in passionate congress
And love reaches its zenith
Afterwards in the afterglow
She wears contentment on her face
And her cheek bares a rosy blush
As she lies draped across me
Like a robe of exquisite silk
I love it when she lies beside me in bed,
I love her breath on my skin
And the smell of her hair
But most of all
I love her loving me

The Aftermath

A dramatic build up and a serene final movement, but the love making which lies between is left to the imagination.


Romantic Love Poems


Poems of True Love

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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