Long Love Poems

It's tempting, when describing long love poems to slip in an obligatory languid. Long languid love poems is lovely alliteration, but Paul's long poems are by no means all languid - some smolder, others sizzle and fizz from beginning to end. The poems for this collection were chosen first and foremost for their physical length, but other length-related themes emerged - long distance relationships, the discovery of a series of romantic letters from the long distant past and the feeling of longing for a loved one, whether near or far.

Letters In The Library

Rummaging through a country house library, the protagonist discovers a series of steamy love letters which tell of a remarkable forty year romance.

I First Met Andrea

A poem to be admired for the beauty of it's language rather than its fast pace action. Yes, its a love poem, but its definitely a slow boiler.

Abigail's Tale - One Day Very Soon

Separation and escape are the twin themes of this poem about a young woman running away, far away, from both a failed relationship and the family she loves.

She Looks Like The Girl Next Door

Will our romantic hero win the heart of the bookish girl next door?

Dear Prudence

Librarians are often portrayed as frumpy, even frigid, but scratch the surface and there are surprises beneath.

She’s Ticking All The Boxes

An almost philosophical poem about how the perfect of a partner does not exist, but one's who appreciate their imperfections can surpass all others.

Broadband Connection

Could you fall for a poet because of the beauty of her writing? Should you act on the impulse? In the internet age there are few boundaries and the rules of etiquette are distinctly fuzzy.