Funny Sex Poems

A selection of funny poems about sex, a subject about which the English are supposedly prudish. Certainly the middle class and the middle aged have a reputation for keeping the whole 'sex thing' behind closed doors, but the fact that dogging in now the nation's third most popular spectator sport (after funerals and weddings) suggest that attitudes to sex are changing. O tempora o mores.

Blue Nun

Nuns are innately funny - whether because of their penguin like appearance or their chastity - and so form the subject of many jokes, and the odd funny poem.

Testing Sex

A funny poem about a teacher talking to her class, which sadly is not suitable for children.

Fun Guy Or Fungi

A short, pithy poem about one of the main problems one encounters in relationships.

Sex Toy Upgrade

A much cleaner poem than its title suggests, Sex Toy Upgrade looks at man's obsession with material objects.

You Can Learn A Lot From TV

Oh for the innocence of childhood and the unitentional humour that it brings...

Bi The Way

A poem that encapsulates an inescapable truth about human sexuality.

Girls Who Wear Glasses

A funny poem that tests the oft quoted aphorism 'that men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses'

Old Buzzard

Reflections on a sex life teetering on the edge of oblivion…

Face Value

A funny poem about an woman who is no looker, but who has one, or two, redeeming features.