Short True Love Poems

A single red rose whispers a message of deep romantic love, whereas two dozen scream overkill. In a similar manner, a short love poem can pack a greater emotional punch than a romantic poem of epic proportions. Paul's short love poems combine a deft turn of phrase and a deep understanding of the human condition to produce tender, heartfelt and passionate poems which distil the true meaning of love.

For Love’s Adventure

For love’s adventure to begin
With life’s journey to share in
Requires only that our souls should meet
And the circle then to be complete
Then with that first sweet embrace
There is nothing ahead we cannot face
For love itself is not the prerequisite
The prize is to keep and treasure it

She Fills My Thoughts

She fills my thoughts before I sleep
And she’s there again when I awake

I have given my heart without regret
I gave it to her for my hearts sake

We have found an all-embracing love
If I lost her now my heart would break

Looking Afresh

Looking afresh in the cold light of day
All at once life isn’t as dark as it appears
When first you left me for another
Leaving me alone after so many years
I was deeply hurt, but now I realize
You’re not worth the salt of my tears

The Light Went From The World

The light went from the world
When our love came to an end
I lost everything of worth
My lover, confident and friend

At the moment we discovered
Our love had simply lost its spark
Like the switching of a light switch
My whole world went dark.

When You Love Someone

When you love someone
And you know that they love you,
When they speak your name
It no longer sounds the same

Fill Me Up

Without you in my life
My cup is an empty whim
Your love nourishes and fills
Me right up to the brim

Visible In The Clarity

How gently she smiled, with
Love visible in the clarity
Of her perfect green eyes

All My Eggs In One Basket

I gave my heart, and put
All my eggs in one basket, but
I have no regrets

It Isn’t Love

It isn’t love, when you kiss all the time
Lust is what that is
The bits in between the kissing
Now that’s where the love is