Christmas Love Poems

Christmas is, for many, an especially romantic time of year - snowy landscapes, open fires, time with loved ones away from the pressures of work. Paul's Christmas love poems encapsulate the romance of the festive period in a collection of warm, affirmative, uplifting verse. And if anyone mentions winterval, I'll scream!

I Watched A Snow Flake Melt

A log fire, chestnuts, snow flakes, candle light, mistletoe…  all the ingredients required to whip up a classical love poem for the Christmas period. Aaagh.

Under The Christmas Sky New Christmas love poem

A perfect poem to share with a partner at Christmas, the unifiyng themes being love and togetherness.

The Grinch And The Elf New Christmas love poem

I managed to enjoy a Grinch-free childhood, but The Grinch is very much embedded in Paul's cannon of Christmas poems, both romantic and humorous.

From a Boy to a Man New Christmas love poem

The dawning of adolescence brings the realistion that there is more to life, and love, than childish games.

Wind Blown Petals New Christmas love poem

An almost perfect poem about love blossoming under gently swirling snow, although the boys and girls line stikes a slightly discordant note.

Under the Christmas Moon New Christmas love poem

A Christmas kiss forms the conlcusion to this romantic poem set against a snowy backdrop and under a moonlit sky.

Christmas Star

Overly repetitious rhymes leave you in no double that you are by far the star.

My Christmas Gift To You

The most romantic of Christmas gifts for the one you love is wrapped up in this delightful little parcel of a poem.

Christmas Essence

Flighty and flirtatious, the object of the author's affections is dressed in a sexy Santa's little helper costume. But is she a reality, or just a fantasy figure?

Christmas Carole

A chance meeting in a bookshop leads to a couple embarking on the idyllic relationship that both of dreamt of, but had never expected to become a reality. The moral is either 'good things happen to those who read good books' or 'book-lovers make great lovers'.

I Would Give To You On Christmas Morning

A poem about a Christmas expression of love which certainly scores A plus for effort, but perhaps only B minus for sincerity. Or perhaps it's only doctors who object to overtly anatomical allusions to romantic gestures. For with no heart and soul I am but an empty shell reads medically as I am dead.

A Christmas Dream

A poem about a lovelorn soul who earnestly hopes and desires that his Christmas wish will finally come true.

This Is Our First Christmas

A romantic poem in which a recently married couple look forward with eager anticipation to spending their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

I Wrote a Letter to Santa

The tenderly romantic poem in which the writer makes an unusual request in in his letter to Santa, for the heart of the woman he loves.

Christmas Eve

A couple sit beside a roaring log fire, the young man looking back at the precious year they have spent together since their first meeting and speculates about a future together.

The Very First Christmas

A Christmas love poem in which the young couple experiencing their first Christmas together find that the experience brings them closer together than ever.

Oh My Pretty Little Elfin Faced Girl (Part One)

A Christmas love poem in which the unusual romantic vision of a pretty little elfin faced girl in green woolly tights and pixie shoes is espied from afar…

Oh My Pretty Little Elfin Faced Girl (Part Two)

... but quickly becomes the focus of attention.

Give Me a Kiss for Christmas

Promises, promises.

Did You Fall From Heaven?

A Christmas love poem in which the protagonist questions whether his new love is an angel who had fallen from heaven and taken on a human form.

Oh My Christmas Angel

A slightly deviant Christmas poem in which the writer imagines how he might subvert his Christmas angel to his wicked ways.

First Christmas

An humorous and gently erotic love poem which describes a husband's feelings of anticipation at spending his first Christmas with his new wife.

Christmas Linda Part 1 - Brief Encounter

A long, languid Christmas love poem in which the protagonist explores the emotion surrounding his first meeting with Linda.

Christmas Linda Part 2 - One Special Night

The epic Linda poem continues with a portentous evening when the two meet again in the run up to Christmas, but some 30 years after their original encounter.

Christmas Linda Part 3 - From Eve To Eve

Leap forward a further 20 years, to the scene of contentment that is the couple who first met 50 years previously and have found lasting happiness in what was, for each of them, a second marriage.