Wedding Poems

A series of romantic poems about weddings, which are a celebration of the state of holy matrimony and the love that encompasses it. Amongst the poems are a few that have found favour as wedding readings at religious, civil and same sex ceremonies.

I Will Be As The Granite Rock

I wonderfully romantic poem in which the protagonist voices their undying love for their partner. This is a unisex poem - my proofreader would have preferred the introduction to read the protagonist voices his/her undying love for his/her partner - or perhaps even a bi-sex or same sex poem, which serves equally well as a wedding reading or valentines poem.

The Cherry Blossom

The metaphorical icing on the wedding cake is a flowering cherry whose beauty enhances a couple's wedding day.

When Lovers Part

A couple anticipate their wedding day two weeks hence and the pain of being apart for the period before their nuptials.


A tenderly romantic poem about two people learning to love again, following the disappointments and traumas that they have experienced in previous failed relationships. This poem has proved popular as a wedding reading for those entering into a second marriage, something rather cruelly described as the triumph of hope over experience.


'Love' is a romantic poem which explores the meaning of love as an abstract and a physical construct. God, I can write a load of bullocks, can't I? Just read the poem, as I can assure you you'll enjoy it much more than the introduction to it.


Not strictly a poem about weddings or even marriage, Immeasurable is a poem about the strength of enduring relationships.

If Ever Two Souls

A tenderly romantic poem about the unity of being that marriage represents for its participants.

More Than All The Riches

A credit crunch beating poem, the central thesis of which is that 'love is of greater value than any material possession'.

You Are

A poem which will either make you come over all slushy and romantic, or perhaps leave you feeling slightly nauseated (sic).


A perfect poem to read at the marriage service if you're planning a June wedding. For those planning nuptials for a different month, the poem will require a tricky rewrite.

Epithalamium # 1

Epithalamium is a classical form of poem that is written specifically for the bride on the way to her marital bed, which in these contemporary versions equates to a post-marital, pre-sex poem.

Epithalamium # 2

Paul's second epithalamiun departs from the convention form, as it reflects the thoughts of the groom as he and his bride-to-be stand at the altar.


A romantic poem which describes the wedding couple as they enter a state of union.

Bridal Desire

A non-wedding wedding poem in which the groom enters into poetic speculation as to whether his bride should be virginal in her wedding white.

At The Nuptial Altar

The marriage ceremony sees a young innocent transformed into a picture of womanhood.

Do I Love You?

If the answer were no, it would be a rather shorter poem!