Short Christmas Love Poems

Short and sweet, Paul's collection of short Christmas love poems are warm, uplifting and, all importantly, romantic. Some sentiments require a sonnet, or a poem of of epic proportions, to express, but these terse verse convey an ocean of emotion in a very few words. So why not put a little romance back into your Christmas and enchant the one you love with a poem which says I love you...

The Best Present You Can Ever Receive

The best present you can ever receive
Does not possess any monetary value
Yet is more precious than pure gold
It’s the gift of someone loving you

Young Lovers Cuddle

Young lovers cuddle
Listening to carols sung
While the Yule log burns

A Wasted Wish

Why would I make a Christmas Wish?
And hope that it would come true,
What on earth could I ever wish for?
That would be a tenth as good as you

Crimble Love

It has taken the festive season
To give me the perfect reason
To hold this sprig of mistletoe
And kiss you softly in the snow

Elf Princess

I will be your elf princess
And I will be forever yours
So put on the red suit
And be my Santa Claus

Christmas Is Special

Christmas is special
And you are the reason
Your touch adds lustre
To the festive season

My Goose Was Cooked

On Christmas morning
Into the kitchen I snook               
And as my wife cooked the Goose
I goosed the cook

I Love the Festive Season

I love the festive season
When it’s cold and freezing
Then my favourite thing to do
Is to cuddle up close to you

I Don't Need The Finest Gift

I don’t need the finest gift
I don’t need a Christmas wish
Because I’m already blessed
With a special Christmas dish

Christmas Wishes Just For You

Christmas wishes just for you
Sent with love, tried and true
I send you love, I send you cheer,
I just wish we weren’t apart this year

I Can't Wait Until Christmas

I can’t wait until Christmas
I just want to let you know
You have all my love
This Christmas tied up with a bow

Merry Christmas To The One I Love # 1

Merry Christmas sweetheart, the one I love,
On this day when love is keenest felt,
The day when closed minds are opened
And even the coldest hearts can melt

Merry Christmas To The One I Love # 2

Though my love for Christ is boundless
On Christmas day I cannot be untrue
For my love for you is over flowing
And he must share my heart with you

You're My Christmas Angel

You’re my Christmas angel
You’re my very own Christmas delight.
Please stay with me tonight

For those who prefer their Christmas love poems long and languid, the collection of Christmas love poems contains narrative poems of epic proportion, including the infamous four-part Linda trilogy, together with a few poems suitable for serenading a partner at length. Remember that you're meant to be beguiling them, not boring them. Altertnatively, the I've Always Loved My Santa series is a short, snappy and sometimes silly take on romance, love and lust at Christmas.