First Love Poems

The experience of falling in love for the first time is graven on the heart of every sentient being. Whether love strikes first at six, sixteen or sixty, it carries an emotional significance which Paul Curtis captures beautifully in this series of poems about first love.

The First Time

A poem about a first love which endures, The First Time is tender, sensitive and uplifting.

The First Real Kiss

If you are sensitive and cultured, this is a poem about a the first experience of a french kiss shared by two young lovers. For the uncouth, it represents a first game of tonsil hockey by two novice players of the game.

The Very First Look

Are one's eyes meeting a stranger's and an electrifying feeling the first signs of romance? Or recognition of an earlier encounter?

Be Kind Rewind

An intoxicating first date leaves a young man wishing he could relive the moment again and again.

Annie’s Song

Bashful and self-conscious, Annie is an extraordinary girl who hides behing a shield of ordinariness.

Love at First Sight

A poem describing how a young man falls instantly and completely in love with the most beautiful vision of womanhood he has ever encountered.

New Love

New Love gives voice to the uncertainties of a young lover at the start of a new romance.

That First Time

Falling in love for the first time, a young couple arrive at a state of unification of the heart, body and soul.

The Search

A poem reflecting on first love in later life, The Search is the touching tale of a chance encounter in an antiquarian booksellers which holds out the promise of satisfying a lifetime of searching.

Our Night Of Firsts

A lifelong romance is recounted from the moment of the young lovers first date and the first kiss.

Dream Girl

Can fantasy ever match up to reality? This is the question posed by the poem Dream Girl, in which the protagonist finally plucks up courage to ask out the girl around whom he built a fantasy relationship.

Natural High

The Natural High of the poem's title is the feeling of elation mixed with delirium that accompanies falling in love.

Sheltered Love

A romance flourishes after divine intervention brings about a chance encounter.


A woman contemplates what her life will be like after she swaps the solitude of the single state for a relationship with a new found lover.

Little Angel

Oh, for the romance of the bus stop and the enforced intimacy it brings.

Have You Seen Her?

A long narrative poem about a young man's chance meeting in coffee shop with a girl who enraptures him.

Memories Of Janice

A romantic retrospective in which a box of long forgotten love letters brings to mind an earlier, youthful relationship.

Fluffy And Sweet

For some people, the fluffy cuteness suggested by the title tempt you to skip the poem. Don't, as the poem offers a charming glimpse of young love in all its innocence.

Lover’s Moon

A beautifully crafted poem about the first tentative steps in a relationship.

From The Moment

From The Moment is a celebration of an enduring relationship and a thank you to the one who made it all possible.

Do You Remember Dancing Along To Harry?

A long narrative poem about a blind date which, despite the most unpropitious of circumstances, sees romance blossom against the backdrop of Harry Nilsson's warbling.

A Familiar Picture

An encounter with a stranger which leaves a feeling both of familiarity and distance between the couple.

From The Moment

From The Moment is a celebration of an enduring relationship and a thank you to the one who made it all possible.