Special Love Poetry

How would you describe an assemblage of love poems which included poems for special calendar days - Christmas, St. Valentine's Day - and for life events with particular romantic significance - weddings, anniversaries? I will confess that special love poetry was not an inspired choice, sounding as it does like a poetry collection put together by an incest survivors group. However, unless or until someone produces an alternative suggestion, special love poetry it will remain.

Wedding Poems

Romantic poems about weddings, which includes precursors to and the immediate aftermath of the wedding ceremony, but excludes poems about the marital state. The selection includes poems that some have found suitable to use as reading during the wedding ceremony, but this is felicitous, rather than an endeavour on the part of the author to produce a collection of wedding readings.

Marriage Poems

A mix of romantic, sad and tragic poems about marriage, the state that prevails from the marriage ceremony to whichever comes first of the the divorce or the death of one of the partners. The series of poems depict the emotional highs and lows experienced in any marriage, concluding with some sad, but inspirational poems about the devastation wrought by the loss of a spouse.

Romantic Valentine Poems

The word romantic may seem superfluous when describing valentines poems, but in the interests of balance the site includes an equal number of vicious and vengeful valentines poems in the funny valentines poetry section. The romantic valentines are sensitive, heartfelt, passionate poems with which you can woo, or serenade, a loved one. Unscrupulous lovers have also on occasion claimed authorship of the poems, but beware the demands of increasing versification as the relationship develops and the possible puncturing of your poetic persona when an inquisitive inamorata discovers Copyscape.

Christmas Love Poems

A series of romantic poems for Christmas and the festive period, which range from the short, sweet love poems to the long, languid four-part three poem romantic verse-epic that is Linda! The collection of romantic Christmas poetry includes sub-categories devoted to: