Short Kissing Poems

From contemporay English poet Paul Curtis, a selection of love poems with kissing as a theme. Poems about first kisses, tentative kisses, passionate kisses and erotic kisses - so pucker your lips and prepare yourself for a poetic kissing fest.

Kiss Number One

The first nervous kiss,
When tentative
And hesitant lips
Lacking confidence
Lacking conviction
Miss their mark
And teeth collide

Kiss Number Two

The second kiss
More eagerly awaited
Full of conviction
Yet over confident
Hearts race unchecked
When over eager lips
Engage like spaceships docking
And both parties forget to breathe

Kiss Number Three

The third kiss
Is eager yet restrained
Slow yet purposeful
And when lips meet
Hearts start racing
But each moment is savoured
This kiss, though not life changing
Will be remembered

When First We Kissed

When first we kissed
And our lips came together
In that long languid embrace
Time seemed to stand still
I wished it would last forever
But I knew that it couldn’t
I never wanted it to end
But I knew that it must
Because one perfect kiss
Had to end
Before the next
Magical kiss
Could begin

Reminiscing Kissing

I like to sit and reminisce
About that first, of many, kiss
We weren’t even a couple yet
We hadn’t really properly met
Two complete novices in the art
Yet we kissed from the start
Like masters of the kissing craft
With a passionate abiding graft
I like to sit and reminisce
About our special first kiss

I Kissed A Girl # 1

I kissed a girl,
A very friendly sort
While I was staying
At a seaside resort

One kiss led to another
One kiss led to the other
And one kiss led to her
Becoming a mother

I Kissed A Girl # 2

I kissed the girl
On an aeroplane
And on the airport bus
I kissed her once again

I kissed a girl
That I met in Spain
We met later that day
And we kissed again

I kissed the girl
With the long white train
And at the alter
I kissed her once again

She’s The Butterfly Kind

She’s the butterfly kind
With a butterfly mind
Always moving she never sits
Her head is full of thoughts that flit
The butterfly miss
With the butterfly kiss