Slenderly petite in stature
Adorned in shades of pastel nature
Hair the hue of copper red
Held with ribbon atop her head
Beneath her crimson fringe she views
Through shining eyes of brightest blue
With smiling confidence she speaks
Though with a blush upon her cheeks
Her lips soft pink and parted slightly
Aglow with lustre and smiling brightly
She moves with elegance and grace
On dainty feet from place to place
Ivory hands of delicate softness
Fine fingers move with subtle deftness
No ring adorns her left hand finger
No marriage for this sweet joy bringer
Her eyes light up this radiant beauty
Her mouth turns up at corner cutely
Her countenance becomes breathtaking
It stops my heart but not from breaking
So who’s this angel you enquire?
Who’s this paragon of sweet desire?
So who’s this angel you ask again?
Why the angel's name is simply Jane
An angel true from heaven above
Sent to touch my life with love
This capturer of hearts divine
I hope one day to make her mine

The Angelic Jane

The eponymous heroine of the poem is a young woman whose incomparable beauty and angelic countenance entrance the writer.


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