More True Love Poems

A further collection of poems about true love by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. The poems explore the meaning of love both within and without the confines of a formal relationship.

I Love Her

A poem about unconditional love which stretches towards eternity (the love, not the poem).

Love’s Exquisite Ache

The protagonist yearns for that moment of exhilaration that accompanies being with the one he loves once more.

Kiwi Girl

A long languorous poem about a New Zealand girl who the author discovers has an inner beauty that belies her diminutive figure and unremarkable features.

See Emily Play

Mousy coloured hair, sticky out ears and hypnotic green eyes are not everyone's idea of the aesthetic ideal, but Emily's beauty is more than the sum of its parts.

First Impressions

A romantic poem which describes a phenomenon which is not so much love at first sight, as love after careful and considered appraisal.


A love poem in which the pursuer becomes the pursued.

Only You

A sugary sweet proclamation of undying love delivered in verse form.

They Seek It Here

More wise words about the tribulations faced by those toiling in search of true love.

People Love

The only true love is the love that endures is the central message of this philosophical love poem.

Dream Lover?

A love poem in which the protagonist struggles to distinguish between fantasy and reality. True love or imagined love?

My Heart Skips A Beat

A spinning head and a churning stomach is usually symptomatic of either a very bad hangover or falling in love, but rarely both at the same time.


A beautiful, heartfelt, romantic poem which some will find delightful and others a bit too good to be true.

In My Dreams

Dreams and reality become alarmingly disconnected in a poem about love and reassurance.

I Need Her Love So Badly

It's a classic dilemma when you fall madly in love with someone and are unsure whether their response is wholehearted.

Fairer Than A Rose

An English love poem in the classic Thou art more beautiful than… tradition,

Natural Beauty

A poem about incomparable and unenhanceable beauty which some may find incredible.

When Will The Lightning Strike?

A poem which pleads for that moment of finally falling in love to arrive.

As The Sun Set Over The Sea

Tender and romantic, there remain undercurrents of insecurity in a poem which is essentially about togetherness.

I Love Everything About You

A love fest of a poem, in which the author professes to love every inch of his girlfriend


The beauty of a young woman is hidden beneath shapeless clothes, but the writer can see beyond her unappealing exterior.

Our Love Is New Love

Some would call it overly repititious, others that it really hammers the message home.

When Will I Reach The Main Event?

Culinary metaphors abound as the protagonist is itching to really get stuck in.

Sweet Joanne

Will our man get the sweet Joanne. Read on and all will be revealed.

As The August Moon Shines Bright

A midsummer night's romance!

I Want, I Need

A beseeching poem which has as its romantic point of reference the great lovers from the era of the silver screen.