That Deceitful Mouth

Don’t speak to me with that mouth
That deceitful mouth
Which lies while smiling to my face
Don’t speak through your weak mouth
Too weak to resist temptation
Whose lips kiss in unforgivable betrayal

Don’t speak to me with that mouth
That has embraced another
A mouth full of cheapened kisses

Don’t speak through your weak mouth
Don’t dare to seek to justify
Your unjustifiable infidelities

Don’t speak through that odious mouth
That unspeakable dishonest mouth
Your unclean vessel of elicit fellatio

Don’t with those unfaithful lips
Whose kisses caressed anothers skin
Speak my name in terms of love

Don’t say sorry with that mouth
Don’t contaminate my ears
With platitudes and insincerity

Speak to me with that insidious mouth
That foul and deceitful mouth
Only to utter a final goodbye

Lies and Infidelities

Lying, cheating, deceiving and unable to resist temptation. The speaker berates their lover and encourages them to end their destructive and ultimately doomed relationship.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Betrayal

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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