More Romantic Love Poems

A further selection of Paul Curtis's romantic poems, which focus on love as emotional roller coaster ride which can lead to feeling of exhilaration or nausea.

Dreaming Of You

A much less opaque narrative romantic poem in which the protagonist looks forward to the return of his absent lover.

I Thought My Heart Was Broken

A possible contender for the sad love poetry category, I Thought My Heart was Broken is in fact an uplifting poem about things turning out better the second time around.

Love, Love, Love

A romantic poem about the fulfillment that love can bring to an otherwise empty life.

In Sunshine Or In Shadow

Another sweet, some might think sickly sweet, romantic poem. If you’re browsing through the site while devouring a box of chocolates, you should now be about half way through the bottom layer. Beware the pentagonal chocolate wrapped in mauve foil; it’ll be either coconut or a violet cream.

Is It You?

A poem which asks the eternal question ‘Are you the one?’ Is it You? contains some quite alarming sexual allusions ‘Or will you be another square peg, In my round hole?’, but perhaps I’m reading too much into it. (By this stage, you’ll have grasped that the person who writes the introduction to the poems isn’t always the same person who writes the poems AND is toying with eating the stray purple pentagonal chocolate. Don't, it's poisonous – Ed).

No More Monochrome

A uplifting romantic poem in which a man describes how his life has been transmogrified by the experience of falling in love.

Love's Metaphor Revisited

I appear to have misplaced the original version of Love’s Metaphor, but the revisited version is a romantic poem overflowing with the an abundance of metaphors which should win it a place in the hearts of all over-enthusiastic but under-achieving English teachers.

Thank You Elizabeth

A poetic homage to Elizabeth Barret Browning's iconic poem, How Do I Love Thee?

You Must Know I Love You

A long, languid love poem in which the protagonist reveals himself a true romantic at heart.

So I Will Give You My Heart

Much as you may be hoping for a poem about cardiac transplantation as little light relief, So I Will Give You My Heart is another romantic confection. Time for another chocolate, perhaps.

Tainted Love

A poem about love's chains that bind a couple in an ill matched relationship, but there are opportunities to escape and find solace in the arms of another.

The Rustic Stile At Lanes End

A tenderly romantic poem about an encounter at a stile which marks the first steps of a young couple on the path of true love.

Our Love Is Tough

An affirmative poem about the strength, and frailty, of romantic love.

Burning Love

Let our love forever burn is the concluding line and overwhelming message of Paul's romantic poem. And I'd secretly hoped for a cerebral poem about urethritis.

Days Down By the Sea

A romantic poem about the solitude and romance of the seaside. Romantic, that is, provided you escape the sweaty hordes.