A Further Selection of Romantic Poems

More romantic love poems by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. The poems focus upon the emotional, the unrealisable, the complete enigma that is love.

How Do I Know I’m In Your Heart?

A poem about the subtle signals that tell you you're at one with your significant other, and most definitely not an instructional poem for cardiac surgeons.

I Could Have

An If I had my time again poem which hold out the promise of more romance and tenderness a second time around.

I Have Lost My Heart

Why is the heart viewed as the seat of human emotion? The poem doesn't so much answer the question as pose a good few more.

I May Not Always Tell You

I reticent, tongue tied, or perhaps mute lover ponders his inability to express his love for his partner.

In An Instant

A poem which will either strike a chord or leave you feeling incredulous, depending on your love/life experience.


The eponymous heroine of Paul's poem is variously described as a vision of pulchritude, lithe limbed and gracile, and coquettish.

Life Is Good

A simple, perhaps even simplistic, poem about romantic love, but it has the advantage it could be scribbled in haste in an anniversary or valentines card and the recipient would certainly believe you'd written it yourself.


A romantic poem of reassurance, in which one partner pledge that they will remain sweethearts until the end of time.


A great poem for lovers who are separated at a romantically significant time of year, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas.

The Way Into My Heart

If I was in my most flippant, facetious doctorly mode, I might assure you the way to your heart is though your aorta. This, though, is a tender and sensitive poem which asserts a moral message about good deeds and kind thoughts triumphing in a material world.

Treasure Beyond Price

A pleasantly literal poem which will resonate with anyone who likes clear, unambiguous direction.

Love Is More

The poem's central thesis is elegantly and concisely summed up by the couplet love is… what remains when beauty fades.

You Are My Alphabet Girl

A protestation of love in poetic form which is as OTT as it is ABC.

The Girl On The Bus

A simple exchange of greetings on a bus speaks volumes as to what romantic possibilities lay ahead.

She Is The Angel Of The Choir

Fantasy is mixed with reality in a poem which asks more questions than it answers.

Scent Of A Woman

An exotic poem which titillates and tantalises the senses.

Sunday Service

A poem which intermingles Spanish passion with the sobriety of Sunday observances.

The Cute Red Head

Infatuation or stalking? It's a fine line when obsession becomes behaviour altering.

I Changed On That Day

A young man tentatively asks a woman out and is both surprised and delighted not to be rebuffed.


A poem which elequently describes the quiet contentment that love can bring.