Spanish Eyes

I sat drinking black coffee alone in the café
I noticed her instantly as she entered
powerless my eyes, like magnets were drawn
towards the striking young woman’s beauty, her hair
black as a raven’s wing caressed the dark
skin of her shoulders, its dark lustre framed
the simple beauty of her face, which I studied.
Firstly her full moist lipped smile, the delicate
curve of her nose and finally the depth of her
dark brown eyes, she looked back at me holding
my gaze, as if reading my thoughts and touching my soul.
My eyes wandered the soft brown nakedness
of her neck and shoulders until reaching
her bountiful breasts where white lace fringed
their fullness, her smile broadened and her
cheeks flushed as if she could feel the stirring of
my loins, she turned away and I continued my
journey, the cloth of her trousers fitted her
firm buttocks like a second skin hugging
her contours as I wanted to. As she sat down
opposite me my gaze once more returned
to the plumpness of her fine young breasts as they
rearranged themselves within their lacy
confines. Then our eyes met again and she
smiled knowing my thoughts and revelling in
them. She paused and opened her bag and
took out a cigarette and holding it
in her slender fingers for a moment
before placing it between her moist lips
envying its intimacy as I lit it
I bought her coffee and we talked and laughed
drank more coffee talked and laughed some more
Although her fine young body gave rise to sighs
I was held captive by her Spanish eyes

Brief Encounter

A Spanish love poem in English may sound like tautology, but Spanish Eyes is a smoldering, sensuous poem about a Spanish beauty encountered in a cafe, who entrances and enchants the author.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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