Roses Are Red

Rose’s are red
Violet’s are blue
Daisy’s are white
Lily’s are too

Poppy’s are red
Iris’s are blue
Pansy’s are varied
Petunia’s are too

Ruby’s are red
Sapphire’s are blue
Pearl’s are white
Jasmine’s are too

Marigold’s are orange
Hyacinth’s are blue
Holly’s  are scratchy
Heather’s are too

May’s are white
Fern’s are green
Ivy’s are variegated
And very often seen

Busy Lizzie’s
Colours are many
And Honeysuckle
Doesn’t wear any


Paul's poem appears superficially to be a traditional and slightly confusing Roses are Red poem. Scratch beneath the surface and it's a clever and very funny poems which will appeal to punctuation pedants. Whether you consider its a love poem will depend on whether you're a pant fetishist!


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