Keeping Abreast

There’s nothing quite so disconcerting
When you’re with a girl in a cafe flirting
Than for a mother and child to occupy
Your table and you hear the baby cry 
As if the wailing is not enough to bear
Mother flops a breast out right there
Babies cry replaced by a sucking sound
Causing diners heads to turn around
When she stops and removes the sprog
We are at first relieved and then agog
Her breast, round and smooth like silk
Is still out the red nipple dripping milk
After the baby had been winded a bit
She then attached it to her other tit
The young girl I was chatting up and I
Could not get away though we did try
This was repeated one or twice more
Before we could escape to the door
We were trapped inside our cubicle
And forced to watch this spectacle
Despite what we’d been forced to see
The girl agreed to go out with me
Our relationship was at its inception
We remembered to use contraception

A Disconcerting Spectacle

A funny poem about breast feeding which mixes romance, mild erotica and contraceptive advice.


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