Funny Love Poems 2

From sexually transmitted diseases to sexually induced distractions, Paul's second collection of funny love poetry ranges widely in both subject matter and tone.

The Dawn Of Understanding

Readers may take issue with the premise that the glaswegian accent is entirely impenetrable, but a least the same accusation cannot be laid at the accent owner's door.

Scanning The Room

An elegant lady makes a grand entrance and then scans the occupants of the room with haughty disdain. So what is the best reaction to an encounter with a stuck-up cow?

Car Scrap-Age

A straight funny poem which revolves around a fairly obvious, but no less amusing, pun.

Wench Hunt

It reads as though it might be a traditional 'coming of age' poem from the middle ages, but it's actually fresh from the pen of our resident poet, Paul Curtis.

Aiming Too High

A funny poem about a mismatched putative relationship.

A Question Of Courtship

An admirer has a burning question to ask the one he admires, plus a follow up question which threatens to be much more revealing.

Fashion Police

The protagonist suffers from a loathing of the advice doled out by the fashionistas, until he experiences an epiphany.

Keeping Abreast

A poem about breastfeeding in public, which seems to be heading in a predictable direction before veering off towards an unlikely conclusion.