I have been struck down by delirium
I am restless and unable to focus
I try to read a book
And read the same paragraph repeatedly
I am in a state of confusion
One minute I am sure of something
The next moment I’m not
And sometimes I hallucinate
I think I see something or someone
I’ve looked it up online
I have all the symptoms of delirium
But none of the causes
I don’t have a fever
Nor have I been poisoned
And I’m pretty sure
I don’t have a brain injury
No I have to face facts
I either have a brain tumour
Or I’m in love
I don’t know which is worse

Love Struck

Dazed, confused and feeling distinctly out of sorts, the author's self-diagnosis leads him to the conclusion he's suffering from one of two equally serious conditions.


Funny Poems about Love and Sex


Funny Poems about Love

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