I have always been rather partial
To a skinny brunette
That’s always been my ideal
It stems from when I was a lad of 14
And the time I saw Alexa
I fell in love with instantly
She was two years younger than me
And when I first set eyes on her
I thought I had died and gone to heaven
She was so perfectly beautiful
Of course she didn’t even know I existed
So I would watch her from a distance
A vision of loveliness
Playing with her friends
I never had the courage to speak to her
But I would practice
What I would say
If I ever got the courage
But of course I never did
So I would say them in my head
And make believe
I said the words to her
I would dream of a time
When I would ask her out
And we would walk away together
Holding hands as we walked down the street,
But it was only a dream
I wish I could go back to that time...
When I saw her standing there.
Knowing what I know now
And speak to her of my love
For Alexa, the skinny brunette
If only I could live my youth again

An Age Apart

A 14 year old's crush on a girl two years his junior leads only ot regrets as to what might have been..


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