She was beautiful, elegant, graceful
She held herself with dignity and poise
Yet was unaware of her own attraction
At school, boys of her age, for want of her
Cried themselves to sleep, she was unaware
She turned heads and yet did not notice
This was not arrogance or even aloofness
She did not see herself as others did
It had always been so, Her innocence
Not that she did not date boys or even men
She was neither virginal nor chaste
She was chased and pursued but not caught
Her heart when given went to the one man
Who saw beneath as only a soul mate can

The Insouciance of Youth

An unusual poem, in so far as most teenage beauties are portrayed in poetry as tease, temptress, seducer, but the subject of Unaffected is a girl entirely indifferent to her allure and the devastating effect it has on young men.


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