Jacqui was my older woman
Twenty years my senior
When she seduced me
In a Dublin hotel
She was always quite vivacious
This night however her high-spirit
Derived from gin and tonic
Though she knew was she was doing
Even for someone as inexperienced as I was
I could read the sexual desire in her body language
This was libidinous in the extreme
She was full of the elixir of lust
Again that was the gin and tonic
I was filled with a burning sexual desire
Which Jacqui knew exactly what to do with
She taught me how to give and receive pleasure
Took me on a journey of erogenous exploration
It was passionately fervid, scorchingly torrid
Insatiable and ardent
Caring, affectionate and tender
She was an excellent teacher
And a wonderful lover
Alas we never repeated the experience

Mind the Gap

A young man is seduced in a Dublin hotel room by a heady romantic mix of sex, alcohol and an experienced woman twenty years his senior.


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