The Seasons of Love

Our love was born with the lambs
In the freshness of spring
And like the lambs we stepped unsure
Uncertain of what life would bring

When spring turned to summer
We had caught cupid’s eye
Our hearts danced like flowers in the breeze
As he shot his arrows at you and I

When summer waned into autumn
Love changed colour like the leaves
Life draining away dying leaf by leaf
And began to drift away on the breeze

When autumn gave way to winter
Love lay bleeding in the snow
Each flake of snow buried it deeper
Nothing of our love was left to show

A Pastoral Romance

A pastoral poem in which the changing of the seasons mirror the twists and turns in a couple's relationship, as the warmth of spring turns to the cold desolation of winter.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Love Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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