Wounded Heart

It was love at first sight
It’s crazy but it’s true
You are the one
So I set my cap at you

But for a reason I couldn’t tell
You withdrew inside your shell

Getting close to you
Is like stalking a dear
You run away
If I get too near

Who has hurt you so much?
That you flinch at my touch

I try to get closer
I see a chink of light
Then you slam the door
And take flight

Who has caused you such harm?
That you draw back in alarm

Let me unlock your heart
With my loving key
I will protect you
Let me close and you will see

I am not the man who harmed you
The love I feel for you is true

When I get too close
You turn away
You run for you life
But I’ll try another day

Please don’t lock yourself away
I will keep the hurt at bay

Don’t let him win
Don’t be beaten by the fear
Don’t run away to safety
Like a startled dear

Let me help you to love again
Let me show you love without pain

I will be patient in my love
I will wait if that’s alright
And give you time to heal
Then bring out into the light

Beating a Retreat

Does the retreat from the advances of a suitable and ardent suitor signal some horror buried the past?


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Love Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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