Tough Love

If you fall in love
And get your fingers burnt
If you give all of yourself
And end up broken hearted
Don’t withdraw from life
Get back in the saddle
Dip your toe once more into the mire
Don’t deny yourself the chance
To swim again in an ocean of desire
You must be immersed
In an ocean of emotional tempest
To feel alive, to be alive
You must take off your vest
Before May is out
Take a risk, take a gamble
If you don’t buy a ticket
You can never win the jackpot
It’s better to open up to danger
Take the knocks and live

…Twice Shy

The central message of Tough Love is that, even if you have been battered, bruised and emotionally scarred by a relationship, you must re-enter the fray or face a life of emasculation.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Love Poems

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