I Just Met A Girl Called Maria

I was fourteen when I met her
It was the school holidays
And time could hang heavily
As you tried to fill the days

But that was before Maria
We met at the local lido
During that long hot summer
When she affected me so

She was a big busted girl
A full year older than me
And the stirrings in my trunks
Were due to her close proximity

Everywhere that was important
Maria was big soft and round
An open smile and wondrous lips
And a voice of honey sweet sound

I lost my heart on that summer day
Her charms I could not resist
That summer of sexual awakening
Her lips were the first I kissed

What a great summer it was
With Maria by my side
Our first summer of love
My heart full of love and pride

A Summer of Love

The sexual awakening of a 14 year old boy are retold tenderly and sensitively in verse form.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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