I Saw You In A Different Light Today

I saw you in a different light today
A dazzling light of femininity
You were not the normal little tomboy
In the cargo pants and baggy “T”

The usual beaten up old trainers
Had been replaced by four inch heals
Which shaped your normally hidden legs
Whose black clad debut certainly appealed

The sheer black of your stocking-ed legs
Disappeared beneath the tailored hem
Of a skirt that fitted hitherto, unknown curves
Accentuating hips, thighs and of course them

Tucked into the tiniest of waistbands
Was a crisp white blouse tailored to fit
Buttoned at the wrist and open at the neck
Three undone buttons so that it gaped a bit

I saw you in a different light today
Where you emerged from tomboy obscurity
Causing heads to turn and eyes to stare
And thoughts were those of impurity

Caterpillar to Butterfly

A poem about the transmogrification that sees a teenage tomboy transformed into a radiant young woman.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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