Unequal Partners

Why do you hold back?
Why can’t you go all the way?
“I love you” those are the words
That I want to hear you say

Don’t be half hearted
I need you one hundred percent
I don’t want you to be unsure
I want you to be content

You have to be sure
Content as I am in my choice
But you are not are you?
I can hear it in your voice

You don’t feel the same as I
I don’t make your pulse race
Or your heart skip a beat
I’m right; I can see it on your face

Love isn’t a one-way street
It has to flow both ways
But it isn’t flowing to me
Not even on the best of days

Then it’s over and done
I won’t have half measures
It has to be all or nothing
Not just the pleasures

I need to be “the one”
I won’t be your second best
I won’t invest my love
With no prospect of interest

It’s sad when love ends
And a couple have to part
But I only feel regret
That I never reached your heart

Love Interest

A poem which explores every avenue of love as a one way street.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Love Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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