Addicted To Love

I have given her only love
And tender affection
In return I get only contempt
In its equal measure
I cannot cut the bond
The unseen umbilical
That binds me to her
I am a slave to her will
Chained and imprisoned
By a dominating mistress
Cruel and controlling
In an invisible metaphor
Her words are like whips
That lash me with cruelty
Each word laced with
Bile and poison
That cuts into me deeply
But never scars my flesh
If only one word
Bore but a hint of kindness
I would be uplifted
But I remain down cast
My hopes and dreams
Have faded into ether
Enslavement has led
To a foul dependency
Now I am addicted
To her poisonous love
The stuff of nightmares

Cruelty and Contempt

A poem about the poisoned love which enslaves a man to the woman he loves, in spite her indifference, even cruelty, towards him.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Love Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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