Never Judge A Book

There is much more to a woman
Than what she can put on show
There is more in the emporium
Than there is in the shop window

Like an expensive Champagne
That a Lambrusco will out fizzle
A woman displaying all her assets
Is invariably all sausage and no sizzle

It’s the homely types that most excite
Hiding their figure neath frumpy dress
Shy and modest to the outside world
It’s the quiet ones who most impress

Beneath sober dress they burn hottest
Much hotter than the most brazen vamp
And when you get them alone they turn
From prim librarian into wanton tramp

Bubbling Beneath the Surface

I'm not sure that I entirely grasp the allusion A woman displaying all her assets, Is invariably all sausage and no sizzle, but the central message is that frumpy women are seething cauldrons of passion beneath their quiet unassuming exteriors.


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