Come On Darling Hear My Plea

Come on darling
Lets play hide the sausage
Let’s not hesitate
Come on darling hear my plea
Come on lets have a shag
You can choose which way
Monkey on a stick, reverse cowboy
Missionary or doggy fashion
Something new maybe
Like splitting the cicada
We can play with sex toys
I’ll insert ticklers up your vaginal canal
Or you can bite the pillow
For some penetration anal
If you don’t want a shag
A hand job or a tit-wank will do
Or please take it in the scull
I promise not to come in your face
When I tip my barrow
But you may get a pearl necklace
When I lose my load
You can sit on my face
Give me a golden shower
Get your knickers off
And I’ll give you a nosh
Just get your kit off
I promise to make you quiver and shiver
And shudder and judder
But please please remember
A sixty year old man
Should never waste an erection

Hide the Sausage

A saucily sexy or sexily saucy poem about the whole business of sex. It appears flippant and funny, but ends with an amusing twist, somersault and double pike.


Funny Poems about Love and Sex


Funny Poems about Sex

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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